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About Us

Who we are and how that benefits you!

We at Adco are passionate about high quality work and dedicated to making our business the best, with the best reputation and customer satisfaction in the industry. 

What this means for you is great quality work, dedicated technicians and customer care that always puts you and your satisfaction before anything else. 


ADCO Power Steering Products, Inc., began in the late 1970's in New Orleans as an automotive repair shop specializing in custom A/C installations, brake, & front end repairs. At the time, Neil Adkins was ASE certified in many fields of automotive repair, but excelled in A/C & Front End diagnosis and repair. He had received his advanced automotive training from the General Motors Training Center in Michoud, LA.

Tired of getting cheaply rebuilt parts from the national suppliers, he decided to learn all he could about rebuildingthe parts himself. Every night after the shop closed, Neil would take units apart and learned how they worked and how to fix them. As his knowledge grew about rebuilding, the decision was made to sell the repair shop and start rebuilding full time.

The business, Power Steering Products Company continued to steadily grow with Neil rebuilding, his dad testing, and his mom running the office. With the introduction of Rack & Pinion steering the buisiness really began to grow. There weren't many rebuilders at the time, some believed racks were not rebuildable, but Neil studied them as he had gearboxes and control valves and was soon stocking rack & pinion units on the shelf.

In 1983 Neil moved to Houston to open a branch location of Power Steering Products Company. He received only a few calls in the beginning, but once word spread the company could not keep up with demand. With growth continuing, PSPC was able to hire a good crew of people which were trained under Neil's watchful eye. In 1988, all operations were moved to Houston and Power Steering Products Company was incorporated as ADCO Power Steering Products, Inc..

Even though Neil is now owner/manager, the ADCO tradition of quality units at a reasonable price continues today and into the future, remember ADCO will "Steer You Straight!"

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